Spring Special

Hi! I’m so excited that Spring has finally arrived. (Well, hopefully it’s not still just teasing us!)

It’s the PERFECT time for family pictures. Many people have their family portraits done in the Fall, but I’m going to be totally honest with you. Fall is CRAZY! I fill up really fast, weather doesn’t always cooperate (and as busy as I get, it’s hard to find dates and times to reschedule), and time is of the essence, since many people use these images for Christmas cards. Don’t wait until fall! Take advantage of this awesome Spring Special and get those family pictures done now!!

For a very limited time, I’m offering my Family Mini Sessions for a GREAT PRICE!

Spring Special detailsEmail me at jenstaffordphotography@gmail.com and let’s get your family (or your kids) scheduled!

A few more details:

*Images will be sent as downloadable images. If you would like them on a Jump Drive, it’s $15.

*Also, you could use this as a Family session, or just for your kids (a sibling session). (Remember Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up!)

New pictures make wonderful gifts! Last year, my husband wanted new pictures of our kids for his desk. That’s all he wanted for Father’s Day. We happily obliged, and they are some of my favorite images EVER of our children! BOOK SOON!! 🙂


Dancey and Wes {Wedding}

I love weddings. I love the joy that is felt when two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. I love the smiles, the laughter, the whole atmosphere. It was so fun to meet Dancey and Wes. They are such a fun couple, with such a genuine love for one another, and with two families who obviously love THEM! I had such a great time photographing their wedding festivities.

DW 1

DW 4 DW 14 DW 15 DW 16 DW 28DW 17 DW 18 DW 19 DW 20 DW 21 DW 22 DW 23 DW 24 DW 27 DW 25 DW 26 DW 12 DW 13 DW 7 DW 9 DW 8 DW 5 DW 10 DW 11
DW 6

Thanks, Dancey and Wes, for letting me part of your special day. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Baptism Special

 Do you or someone you know have a soon-to-be-8-yr-old that will be getting baptized this year?

I DO!!

My youngest kiddo turns 8 in July. I am already looking ahead to his special day, and I can’t wait to get him in a suit and tie, and take him out for some special baptism pictures. I did this with his older brother two years ago, and it was one of the most fun sessions I have ever done with him. (He is the boy pictured in the special below).
He felt super cool, and LOVED seeing the images we captured. We used them for announcements for his big day, and we framed a few to display.

Need more images? Additional images, prints and products are also available for purchase. Let me know what you need!

This is SUCH a great age to photograph… let’s go have some fun!

THIS SPECIAL IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH JULY 20th! BOOK NOW! (Your session doesn’t have to be done by then, just BOOKED by then. Session must take place before December 31st!)

Baptism Special copy

Jorgensen Family

I was super excited to hear from this family. I grew up just a few houses down the street from them, and I have fond memories of this beautiful lady being my Young Women’s Camp director when I was a teenager. They are a great family, and I was glad to meet up with them and photograph the whole gang! It was especially fun to see the grandkids. I was warned in advance about one of their sweet grandsons. I was told that he was very active, and would be difficult to photograph.

Blog 2

Well, Mr. Kash didn’t disappoint. He just wanted to be on the ground RUNNING. Not that I blame him. It’s WAY more fun! However, I was determined to get something for Grandma to hang on her wall.

Blog 5

…AND…… WE GOT ONE! It was captured mid-run. Isn’t he such a handsome little guy? Grandma was thrilled (I think his mom was, too).

Blog 6

It was fun to see all the kids and grandkids. I photographed this cute family when I was just starting out, and since then their son has grown up quite a bit, and they’ve added two beautiful little girls to the mix.

Blog 10 Blog 1

I really enjoyed meeting these kiddos. This good looking crew is making a big move soon. They are headed to Georgia! Good luck guys!

Blog 7 Blog 4 Blog 3

And, of course, we had to get the whole group. You can see that little Kash wasn’t having it, but what a good looking bunch anyway. Thanks for letting me capture your awesome family, Jorgensens. It was SO FUN to see you all!

Blog 9



These images are from ALMOST a year ago.

I know… I admit it: I have slacked in the blogging department. But, my goal is to do better! I will be infusing new sessions with older sessions that I still want to share. This session makes me YEARN for warmer days. We are finally, FINALLY getting some of those here in Utah. In fact, yesterday got up to just above 70 degrees. Oh, how I’ve missed the sunshine and warmth. Now, if we can just get a few leaves on some trees I’ll be perfectly happy!

Eryn Blog 2

Eryn Blog 5

Eryn Blog 3

Eryn Blog 1

Eryn Blog 4

Eryn Blog 6

Thomas Siblings

As I catch up on my blogging, I will post current sessions as well as older sessions that I haven’t yet shared. Here is a recent session. I’m so excited to finally share it, now that these siblings’ mom has finally received her birthday present! 

 Back in February, I had the super fun opportunity to go to Memory Grove in Salt Lake City and photograph these siblings. Jen called me saying she wanted to do something fun for her mom’s birthday/parents’ anniversary. Photos are such a great gift! As we drove up I-15 toward Salt Lake, we noticed the dark clouds gathering above our heads, and even went through a mini-blizzard, but we stayed in contact. At that time, skies were blue in the city and things were looking good. By the time we pulled up to Memory Grove, the blue sky had disappeared, the sun was gone, and snow clouds hovered. Jen and her siblings arrived just as giant snowflakes were fluttering down around us. We weren’t going to let that stop us, and we ended up getting some great shots!

The three siblings, along with the one who married in: luckily nobody slipped and fell on our way up the steps. It was slick!

Blog 3

They hugged in tight, just trying to stay warm.

Blog 4

Blog 5

If Jen and her brothers’ parents are like my in-laws, they probably consider their beautiful daughter-in-law to be a daughter. My husband’s mom always says “The in-law part is just a formality.” I’m willing to bet that Mama Thomas feels the same way.

Blog 6

How lucky is Jen to have two fun brothers to watch out for her! I love my sisters, but I always wished for a brother. Lucky Jen got TWO!

Blog 2

And then there was the youngest brother. He’s now in the MTC preparing to serve his full-time LDS mission.

Blog 1


Thanks, Thomas Siblings! I sure had a great time meeting you all and fighting the crazy snow with you.

And all of you readers: Leave these cool peeps a comment!

Little Boys

Is anyone out there still getting over the fact that we are already several days into March of 2013? Last year was a CrAzY one! Fun. But crazy! I was so busy being a soccer/basketball/drama/football/whetever-else-you-can-think-of mom, as well as a very busy photographer at times, I’m still trying to pick myself back up. I started this blog, left the old one behind, then didn’t blog much at all. I’m ready to really get blogging, and really get things going again! I got so very far behind, that I may end up blogging almost daily to get caught up. I debated about whether to just forget all the sessions I missed blogging before and just start fresh, but  I hate to not share all the fun I had last year. I’ll post a few sessions at a time, starting with these! I got to photograph these three HANDSOME little boys. They have all had birthdays since these sessions, and have grown a ton, but it’s fun to look back and see where they were before. Hopefully I’ll get to photograph them all again soon!

Krew is one of my favorite little people. I rarely see him without a huge smile on his face. He just recently turned TWO! Hopefully we’ll be going out soon to capture how much he’s grown!

Krew 2 copy

Krew 1

Krew 3



Then there was this little guy. So darn cute! Here are just a few from his session. I especially love the serious one.

Korbin 2

Korbin 1


Finally there was Liam. I’m glad I could get his beautiful mama in a few with him. I wish I had professional photos of me with my babies. If only there were time machines.

Liam 1

Liam 6 copy

Liam 2



‘Tis the Season…

Oh, how I have wanted to get on here and add about a million blog posts. I’m so behind! Fall is the most beautiful season (in my opinion), but it’s also the busiest. At least for me! I have had such a WONDERFUL busy photography season, and I have so much to share. Watch for blog posts coming soon, but until then you can look back at old stuff on my OLD BLOG: HERE.


I loved photographing this funny little man. He was crackin’ us up! He did NOT want to stay in one spot for more than about 2 seconds, so we had to move fast. Even at our fastest, we were no match for him. He was a new walker and just wanted to take off and GO! It’s been a few months (yes, I’m a million posts behind, but I’m determined to catch up) and he’s not only a better walker now, he’s also able to sit for about 4-5 seconds instead of just 2. HAHA!




Welcome to my brand new blogsite. It’s still kind of under construction. I’m still tweaking a few things, and still working out the details on my pricing, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to get some images posted. I’m a little bit behind with posting my sessions, so I have some major catching up to do.

Check out this handsome little dude. He was so funny! He wasn’t very excited about having his picture taken, (is any kid, really?) but we found some sweet tractors and trucks to distract him, and we ended up with some seriously cute images.

I love this first one with his serious face. I almost wondered if all the images we got would be that cute serious face, but he surprised us with some smiles as well.