Baptism Special

 Do you or someone you know have a soon-to-be-8-yr-old that will be getting baptized this year?

I DO!!

My youngest kiddo turns 8 in July. I am already looking ahead to his special day, and I can’t wait to get him in a suit and tie, and take him out for some special baptism pictures. I did this with his older brother two years ago, and it was one of the most fun sessions I have ever done with him. (He is the boy pictured in the special below).
He felt super cool, and LOVED seeing the images we captured. We used them for announcements for his big day, and we framed a few to display.

Need more images? Additional images, prints and products are also available for purchase. Let me know what you need!

This is SUCH a great age to photograph… let’s go have some fun!

THIS SPECIAL IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH JULY 20th! BOOK NOW! (Your session doesn’t have to be done by then, just BOOKED by then. Session must take place before December 31st!)

Baptism Special copy

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