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As I catch up on my blogging, I will post current sessions as well as older sessions that I haven’t yet shared. Here is a recent session. I’m so excited to finally share it, now that these siblings’ mom has finally received her birthday present!¬†

¬†Back in February, I had the super fun opportunity to go to Memory Grove in Salt Lake City and photograph these siblings. Jen called me saying she wanted to do something fun for her mom’s birthday/parents’ anniversary. Photos are such a great gift! As we drove up I-15 toward Salt Lake, we noticed the dark clouds gathering above our heads, and even went through a mini-blizzard, but we stayed in contact. At that time, skies were blue in the city and things were looking good. By the time we pulled up to Memory Grove, the blue sky had disappeared, the sun was gone, and snow clouds hovered. Jen and her siblings arrived just as giant snowflakes were fluttering down around us. We weren’t going to let that stop us, and we ended up getting some great shots!

The three siblings, along with the one who married in: luckily nobody slipped and fell on our way up the steps. It was slick!

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They hugged in tight, just trying to stay warm.

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If Jen and her brothers’ parents are like my in-laws, they probably consider their beautiful daughter-in-law to be a daughter. My husband’s mom always says “The in-law part is just a formality.” I’m willing to bet that Mama Thomas feels the same way.

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How lucky is Jen to have two fun brothers to watch out for her! I love my sisters, but I always wished for a brother. Lucky Jen got TWO!

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And then there was the youngest brother. He’s now in the MTC preparing to serve his full-time LDS mission.

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Thanks, Thomas Siblings! I sure had a great time meeting you all and fighting the crazy snow with you.

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    Thanks again for the beautiful shots of the kids! They truly are the best ones I’ve ever had! I am having a hard time choosing which ones to put up on the wall! and you are correct about our daughter in law, we adore her like one of our own! (and sometimes better than!):)

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