Little Boys

Is anyone out there still getting over the fact that we are already several days into March of 2013? Last year was a CrAzY one! Fun. But crazy! I was so busy being a soccer/basketball/drama/football/whetever-else-you-can-think-of mom, as well as a very busy photographer at times, I’m still trying to pick myself back up. I started this blog, left the old one behind, then didn’t blog much at all. I’m ready to really get blogging, and really get things going again! I got so very far behind, that I may end up blogging almost daily to get caught up. I debated about whether to just forget all the sessions I missed blogging before and just start fresh, but  I hate to not share all the fun I had last year. I’ll post a few sessions at a time, starting with these! I got to photograph these three HANDSOME little boys. They have all had birthdays since these sessions, and have grown a ton, but it’s fun to look back and see where they were before. Hopefully I’ll get to photograph them all again soon!

Krew is one of my favorite little people. I rarely see him without a huge smile on his face. He just recently turned TWO! Hopefully we’ll be going out soon to capture how much he’s grown!

Krew 2 copy

Krew 1

Krew 3



Then there was this little guy. So darn cute! Here are just a few from his session. I especially love the serious one.

Korbin 2

Korbin 1


Finally there was Liam. I’m glad I could get his beautiful mama in a few with him. I wish I had professional photos of me with my babies. If only there were time machines.

Liam 1

Liam 6 copy

Liam 2